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Be a part of a perpetual million dollar scholarship for your university or college.

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About Million Dollar Scholars, Inc.

Million Dollar Scholars, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting parents and students with the ever-increasing costs of college education.

Most people understand the value of scholarships, particularly those that are open to everyone. However, most scholarships require $25,000 or more to establish, so most people are unable to be a part of a valuable scholarship program. While you can donate to your favorite university, a small donation will not get you something with your name associated with it in perpetuity.

Today, with the power of the internet you can be a part of a perpetual scholarship. Million Dollar Scholars, Inc. provides a way to contribute and receive recognition for a minimum of $100. The web site provides the permanent location for recognition. Each $100 donation is assigned a 10x10 pixel area on the web page with an optional image and an email, web link, or short text message. For larger donations, in increments of $100, multiple adjacent 10x10 areas may be assigned to provide for larger images. For individuals this provides a link so that scholarship awardees can see who has been so generous and impacted their lives. For businesses this provides continuous advertising for a ONE TIME TAX DEDUCTIBLE cost. If you want to see this process in action then simply check out the and others like it. Many people find these pages fun and addicting. One of these web pages generated one million dollars for an individual in one year. It's not hard to imagine what can be done for a scholarship program.

The principle funds generated by selling blocks will be invested to establish a perpetual scholarship from the annual investment growth (interest). Although some overhead expenses are expected, it is not unrealistic to have $25,000 or more in annual scholarships depending on the economic climate.

Scholarship Awards

Applications for scholarships will consist of a resume and an essay submitted electronically via email. These applications will be reviewed completely on merit blind of name, email address, race, gender, age, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation or any other factor other than purely merit. Scholarship payments will be made directly to the attending institutions in the name of the person awarded.

Board of Directors

Nick Stoltzfus
President & CEO
Chariman of the Board

Million Dollar Scholars, Inc. was founded by Nicholas Stoltzfus in February 2007. Nick was born in Fair Lawn, NJ and moved with his parents to Northern Virginia to start a business in Washington, DC. Nicholas became Vice President of the company at an early age so he quickly learned business operations, management, communications, customer service, ethics, and networking. Nick attended Lake Braddock high school where he graduated in 2006 with an advanced placement studies diploma. His education continued with his enrollment at the University of Virginia where he currently studies in pursuit of a degree in Commerce or Economics.

Nick's goal is to raise one million dollars for a University of Virginia scholarship program with the hopes of starting additional scholarship programs for other schools after the goal is reached. Nick is very enthusiastic about achieving this goal.

You may contact Nick via email at or by phone at 703-489-0634.

IRS Tax Id: 20-8431423

Nicholas Stoltzfus
Million Dollar Scholars, Inc.
7875 Kelly Ann Court
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Mary Ann Elliott

Mary Ann Elliott, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arrowhead Global Solutions, Inc., is a recognized expert in mobile satellite services and international private satellite networks. She founded Arrowhead in January 1991 as a Native American, Woman-Owned, Small Business. Arrowhead is a trusted telecommunication solutions, information technology, and professional support services contractor for the US Military, Intelligence Community and the Department of Homeland Security.

Under Mary Ann's leadership, Arrowhead has grown from a small one-person firm located in her basement and first year revenues of $64 Thousand, to winning 3 contracts with values over $1 Billion, field offices in 13 states, two international locations, and headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.

Mary Ann has worked across the gamut of the wireless communications revolution. She made her entry into the field working as the first female with Motorola in the traditional wireless terrestrial market and then moved into the new technology field of navigation and communication by satellite. Prior to founding Arrowhead, she held management positions with COMSAT International, Contel's American Satellite Division, Talon Technology and Navidyne. Her professional background includes the first global mobile satellite network, Inmarsat, and both international and domestic fixed satellite services.

Along with Mary Ann comes a highly decorated list of achievements. Among them are: the Life Time Achievement Award by Women in Aerospace in 1995, one of only two women named among the forty most influential people in global defense, aerospace and national security by Defense Daily, honored by the Virginia Foundation for Women in History in March 2003, famous women award, and nominated for Satellite Executive of the Year in 2003, the first female nominee in this award's 18-year history. Her greatest and most recent honor was being inducted into the Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI) "Satellite Hall of Fame" in 2007 for her work in creating demand and acceptance by the US Military for the use of commercial satellite capabilities. She is only the second female to ever be so honored by SSPI.

Mary Ann's heritage includes the Native American Tuscarora and Lumbee Indian tribes of Robeson County, North Carolina. She has three children and four grandchildren and currently resides outside of Washington, DC in the Northern Virginia area. Mary Ann is also known for her generosity in assisting those less fortunate. When her children were growing up, the home was known as the local spot where stray children and pets would be taken in and cared for. In 2004, she sponsored two African refuges, assisting them in settling in this great nation with housing and jobs. Charity is something that Mary Ann holds very dear to her heart.

For more information about Arrowhead Global Solutions, visit

Daniel Elliott

Dan Elliott, son of Mary Ann Elliott, is the latest addition to the MDS team. In addition to serving on the board of Million Dollar Scholars, Dan Elliott is the President of NYTOR Technologies, an IT government contractor and provider of highly secure trusted networking solutions. Dan has more than twenty-five years of management and entrepreneurial experience including the founding of two service-oriented businesses in addition to NYTOR.

Prior to joining NYTOR, Dan held numerous positions at Arrowhead Global Solutions, Inc. During his twelve years at Arrowhead, he served as Project Manager, Division Manager, CFO, VP-Sales and Marketing, and finally SVP of Finance. During his tenure, Dan assisted Arrowhead in growing from $225K in annual sales in 1995 to $93M in annual sales in 2005. In preparation for the sale of Arrowhead, Dan led the spin off of NYTOR from Arrowhead into a stand-alone company.

Dan's experience includes a broad array of skills and expertise in fiscal accountability, government contracting, sales and marketing, human resources best practices, training and product development. Dan has a superior record of exceeding goals and expectations through innovative management and employee incentives, and effective cost control procedures. Strategic Planning, organizational and communications skills complement a solid track record of management expertise.

Dan has a BS in Systems Analysis from Miami University (Ohio) and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

For more information about NYTOR Technologies, visit

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